Christine Williams

“My passion for art, painting and colour is expressed in my ceramic objects. I choose to work with porcelain paper-clay, as it lends itself to the sculptural dimension of my pieces. I enjoy hand-building and wheel-work, as well as the use of moulds.  Combined, these techniques help me to explore the infinite diversity of my chosen material.

During the ‘green’ (un-fired, but still leather-hard) stage I sometimes use stamps and foliage to create texture, or add ‘sprigs’. At different stages of the drying and firing process I create layers of colour. The end result is a collage of pattern, texture and imagery which is a reflection of my world.

Inspiration is drawn from nature and my garden, especially its bird life. My pieces depict a narrative which hopefully encourages the viewer to take a second look and discover new elements within the form.

My vessels, vases, bowls and plates are decorative but also functional, as having been glazed internally, they are watertight.”

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orange vase

Protea vase

Porcelain vase by Christine Williams

200 x 90 mm