Dragana Jevtovic

Dragana Jevtovic moved to Cape Town in 1993. She was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia where she studied Art and Philosophy at the University of Belgrade and Music at the Belgrade Faculty of Music Arts.

In her studio at her home in Durbanville, Dragana explores the clay medium in many ways – from hand thrown and slab built one-off pieces to decorated slip cast utility ware.
Every piece is uniquely decorated by free hand and often includes African symbols such as birds, animals and feathers. A favourite motif is the quaint, indigenous African guinea-fowl that abound in the gardens and parks of Cape Town. Shunning ready-made commercial products, she mixes her own cobalt blue and tawny under-glaze colours.

Her slip cast ceramics are stoneware fired to 1220’C and glazed with lead free transparent glaze, making her products oven proof, microwave and dishwasher safe.
Dragana has exhibited her ceramics throughout the country and her work has found its way into homes all over the world. Besides having a special love for ceramics and music, she also paints in oils.

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smart handpainted mug

Guineafowl mug

Handpainted slipcast by Dragana Jevtovic

110 x 120 x 90 mm

large oval platter

Oval platter

Handpainted slipcast by Dragana Jevtovic

50 x 410 x 320 mm