Farah Hernandez

Born in Spain, Farah moved to South Africa in 2004 where she started learning pottery. After a couple years learning from various Cape Town potters she became fascinated with porcelain and started experimenting with this medium on her own. In 2011, she established her own studio. Since then, Farah has developed a unique style that is elegant and delicate yet contemporary and light hearted.

In her current work, she uses porcelain as a canvas, creating one-off pieces where the emphasis is placed on the illustration work. Leaving the shapes simple and clean, she creates intricate hand-painted designs following patterns that evolve into shapes and landscapes. Her work also plays with fine textures. By partly glazing her pieces and treating the rest of the surface with soft sandpaper she achieves a smooth yet raw feel.

Staying true to the porcelain tradition of ‘blue on white’, her current collection is done using blue as her only colour, but she reinterprets this classic with her use of patterned designs and ‘doodle’ like drawings. Farah’s pieces are mostly functional and they range from paper thin vases and framed porcelain illustrations to hanging wall planters were she combines her three loves: illustration, porcelain and plants.

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