In 1995 after setting up her first pottery studio, Trayci dedicated her skills on statement hand-coiled smoke fired urns and Raku fired vessels and sculpture.

In 2006 Trayci and her husband Stuart, trademarked their Zulu Lulu brand and opened a new production ceramic studio and retail outlet.

Having sold Zulu Lulu in 2018 Trayci now focuses on her own art, combining her love for hand building in clay with a new found passion for painting on canvas.

Inspired by art forms in nature Trayci’s hand coiled vessels add a statement to any room. The random and spontaneous effects from the gas fired Raku glazes and ethereal patterning created with salt, horse hair and sawdust in the smoke fired pit give each piece a unique personality.

In contrast to these uncontrolled firing methods, Trayci also employs a more predictable electric firing for her artworks. Here she layers textured patterning and applies colourful slips under formulated glazes. Theatrical characters, over-sized vases and quirky range of animal sculptural pieces are all fired in this way. The ability to push clay into new directions, gives each piece a fresh and highly original energy.

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