Sue Chadwick

Having an artist for a mother and an engineer for a father, nobody was particularly surprised when Sue took to designing and producing unique silver jewellery. And that the jewellery had an African flavour was also no surprise considering Sue was taken on her first camping trip into the bush at 6 weeks old.

However, it did take her almost ten years after leaving school to become a jeweller. She qualified as a graphic artist, working in Harare and London, and then moved into interior design, and on to teaching art, before finally discovering where her true passion lay. “Making silver jewellery provides a creative challenge which comes with multiple rewards; the satisfaction of designing and making something beautiful combined with the pleasure of seeing it being worn and enjoyed”. Although taught the trade by a local goldsmith, Sue immediately gravitated towards working silver. “It reflects the surrounding colours of skin, clothing, sky. It combines easily with other colours and materials, such as stones, beads, cloth and leather, and, like no other metal, you can make big, chunky, dazzling pieces that make a real statement but that don’t break the bank.”

Sue began designing and making silver jewellery in her native Zimbabwe but since she arrived in UK in 1997, she has shown her work in London. In 1998, she registered with the Guildhall who hold her personal hallmark and currently mark her pieces. Her work is made from either sterling silver (925) or pure silver (999) and is totally original in its design. Eminently fashionable, television news readers can often be seen sporting Sue Chadwick’s striking jewellery.

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