Christine Lamberth

Christine’s primary interest in wildlife had its origins in the contemplation of nature. However, her work has now moved into a more subjective emotional observation of the dire straits in which the fauna of the world has remorselessly been plunged. Through the interrogation of this subject, it is her intention to redirect the gaze of the viewer from the romantic concept of an African landscape to a current worldview where the imminent danger of a disappearing species becomes the focus.

Her use of monochrome imagery lends a dramatic slant to the subject highlighting the form. The choice of a closely cropped image where the viewer will be drawn into a direct gaze of an animal is a deliberate choice. The image must confront and engage.

As a result of her exposure to the wilderness of Africa; a place she believes is a sanctuary for the soul; Christine has become increasingly involved in conservation issues. This has heavily influenced her art as she is now passionate about showcasing the natural world in its most beautiful guises. Christine is heavily influenced by the likes of Jane Goodall, Diane Fossey, David Attenborough and Ofir Drori who have inspired her to use her own talents to promote the preservation of the world for all.

Christine studied for a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) through UNISA in 2004. She has run a successful art studio from her home teaching both adults and children to paint and draw, and her work hangs in the Polokwane Art Museum of Education and Training

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The Wallow


Mounted limited edition print (6/150) by Christine Lamberth

print size 180 x 450 mm

mount size 250 x 520 mm