Lee-Anne van Wyk

Lee-Anne was born and grew up in South Africa. In her adult years, she has lived both in the UK and in Africa. She is now based in Shropshire and works from a home studio. Lee-Anne studied landscape architecture and worked in the field for many years. However, her training also led to openings in public art and later on in life she felt the need to explore her creativity further though drawing and painting. She is addicted to the creative life and finds it immensely therapeutic to communicate and make sense of her life journey through artistic expression. “If I am happy, I make art and if I am sad I also make art. Occasionally, I also write comedy in English and in my mother tongue Afrikaans.”

Lee-Anne is inspired by the energy of places, memories, people, plants and animals. She is interested in people and their experiences as they journey through life but is also passionate about biodiversity. She has an increasing realisation of the interconnectivity of all things and our connection to the environment. She finds that most of the things she creates are an intersection of these aforementioned themes . She hopes that others can identify with the feelings and subjects she conveys through painting and that it will evoke a positive emotion in them. At the moment she is exploring endangered species and our connection with the wilderness. Working on a new series on this theme, she suspects it is going to keep her busy for a while.

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Blue Birds


Acrylic by Lee-Anne van Wyk
canvas 600 x 700 mm
frame 640 x 740 x 30 mm