Welcome to Fillingdon Fine Art

Established in London 1991 as Art of Africa, the gallery has run as a showcase for quality and individual art and craft from Africa for 24 years.

Re-launched in 2014 as Fillingdon Fine Art, the business continues to present premium original work by contemporary artists associated with Africa.

New collections of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and craft are on exhibition three times a year in spring, summer and autumn at Fillingdon Farm.

In-between, visitors are welcome by appointment or work can be purchased from this website.

Enjoy browsing and please contact us if you have any queries.

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Not a Flower Show

It is an art show, but with daffodils down the drive; daisies in the field; magnolia in the garden; cowslips in the paddock; hyacinths in the flower beds; primroses round the pond; jasmine on the pergola and lily-of-the-valley in the yard – it may be the prettiest yet!  We are expecting spring sunshine tomorrow too, […]


A Global Village

Did you hear the one about a vase made by a South African, selected by a Zimbabwean, exhibited in Britain, bought by a Spaniard and exported to Belgium?  No, not a joke but the real story of this gorgeous ceramic vessel fresh from the Gauteng kiln of talented artist Christine Williams, which we chose as […]