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wood carving


Carved sculptures by the lovely Robyn Gordon really strike a chord.  She involves her mind, body and soul when she embarks on creating a sculpture and leaves a little piece of herself in every work.  Hence the polarisation of her art.   For a few observers, the carvings remain silent.  But for the vast majority they speak of an inner spirituality and ancient wisedom.  And for the lucky ones who get to purchase a piece of Robyn’s work, they have the calm mystic aura with them for ever.

The last of the current collection of totems sold this week.  “Oshun” is a Yoruban Goddess, who encompasses a great variety of things, including love, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, abundance and diplomacy.  She is widely loved as she heals the sick and has an amazing strength within her to bring people together as one. Oshun has a warrior aspect especially when protecting women and children.  She is also known as ‘Laketi’, ‘she who has ears’, because of how quickly and effectively she answers prayers.

We still have one small piece available for sale; a charming small door panel, complete with multiple symbols and intricate detail.  This “Richly Wrapped” exhibition is on at Fillingdon Fine Art gallery until 13th December 2014, daily Weds – Sats 10am – 4pm.  Finally Robyn is also an inspiring blogger, so do follow her posts on artpropelled.blogspot.co.uk

wood carving


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