Catherine Brennon

Catherine’s ceramics vary from delicate lace and basket inspired forms to sculptural work and tableware. She works in both earthenware and stoneware and utilises a number of different techniques such as Raku and smoke-firing. Catherine is influenced by many things: natural life form patterns, African sculpture and textiles, wilderness landscapes, music, the spiritual life. From the time of her initial training in ceramics (1977-79) she has endeavoured to connect with people through the medium of clay. She maintains her biggest responsibility to her craft is to remain enthusiastic and energised in what she does. To this end she continually exposes herself to the work of other artists and updates her skills and knowledge through courses and travel.

During 2002/3 Catherine returned to the Witwatersrand Technikon where she converted her 3 year Diploma in ceramics to a BTech Ceramics Degree, passing with distinction. Her latest interest is in the realm of dream boxes; containers of various shapes and décor, which invite the owner to store away their secrets, thoughts, dreams and private mementoes.

Catherine and her husband Lawrance left their home and gallery in the Underberg, KZN and re-located to the coastal town of Hermanus in the Western Cape where they both got quickly immersed in the local art scene. In 2014 Catherine had an important three women show with Lisa Ringwood and Sarah Walters.

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