Porcelain has been Lisa’s fascination since 2000. In her work, the use of this clay is a metaphor for human existence; while porcelain is durable and resilient; it is also easily smashed or cracked.

Texture, layering, light, embellishment, translucency, fragility, beauty, diversity, colour, pattern, design; these are her list of aesthetic passions and explorations. Living and working in Cape Town, South Africa, Lisa sees herself as blessed to be part of a rich and vibrant community of designers, artists, makers and crafters.

She is committed to the hand-made craft object in this world of mass production, and feels that the mark and energy of the maker are transferred into the work, especially with something as tactile as clay.

Her intention as she works is to transfer some of the qualities of light, beauty, gentleness and the opening of the heart and spirit into her work.

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