Garth Meyer is a studio potter producing hand thrown functional and decorative porcelain, stoneware, terracotta and raku pots, in a wide variety of styles, ranging from modern to classic and Anglo-Oriental. Lidded jars, large containers and large thrown wares are his speciality. A bit of a recluse, who has lived and worked in Stanford, Stellenbosch, Observatory and now resides in Riebeek Kasteel, Garth has thanked;

“Steve Shapiro who planted the seed by generously allowing me to work for him at no charge; John Ellis, who intuitively sensed I was no threat to his jolly empire, Paul Els, whose effective and economical burners have saved me thousands of rand over the years; Christo Giles who patiently endured my many questions, Yogi de Beer who debunked the mystique of big pots, Nico Liebenberg who advanced my throwing more in one weekend than I had advanced by my own efforts in the previous two years, Hyme Rabinowitz for kindly giving me some glaze recipes, several pointers, and for a studio so stripped of pretence as to be sublime and finally John Wilhelm for his pots which constantly motivated me through envy. To all of the above;- whom I can never hope to emulate, but who have been so generous and such an inspiration; – a big thank you.”

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