Sue Maclaurin

Born in Colchester in 1948, Sue Maclaurin immigrated to Northern Rhodesia with her family in 1952. Her childhood was spent roaming freely in the bush on horseback, and her life-long passion for wildlife began.

She returned to England to study at Winchester School of Art from where she graduated with a B.A (Hons.) in Fine Art. She subsequently spent several years involved with Marwell Zoological Park, where she studied, painted and sculpted their animals at close quarters. During these years, Sue further explored and developed her interest in sculpting at Pinewood Studios as she assisted Ray Harryhausen by making models for various films including Clash of the Titans.

Sue then returned to Africa with her family and for four years they gold-mined, fish farmed and dairy produced, while Sue continued to sculpt and paint for her own pleasure. Returning to England, Sue’s wildlife sculpture was quickly accepted by galleries across the UK and attracted a loyal following of collectors. Sue now lives in Wiltshire, and is a sought-after Master Saddle Maker as well as an eminent sculptor.

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Moving Den


Limited edition lost wax bronze (3/12) by Sue Maclaurin
size 180 x 360 x 150 mm