“My journey in clay began in 1997 as a hobby and in 2005 I started working on the wheel, using both earthenware and porcelain clay. To complement and enhance my vessels, delicate laces are used to create different effects – from a sense of nostalgia and romance, to a touch of Africa. I am inspired by the endless possibilities of using lace in my work and my lace cupboard holds many treasures, from inherited antique laces to the latest available lace stockings.

Having concentrated on refining my vessel forms I have also worked on perfecting the glazing with slips, glazes and lustre.

As a member of Ceramics Southern Africa, Gauteng Region, I have had work accepted for the regional and national exhibitions since 2009, receiving various awards and accolades over the years, culminating in the Premier Award at Gauteng Regionals in 2018.

Two pieces have been acquired for the Corobrik Permanent Collection, based in the Pretoria Art Museum, one in 2012 and another in 2018.”

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