Jez Prettejohn established African Pewter in Dullstroom, South Africa in 2008. In 2017 he re-located the business to eSwatini.

Jez considers each of their pewter items to be a ‘mini sculpture’. Every pewter piece is individually hand cast and then worked, fettled and polished by locally trained and skilled Swazi craftsmen – abled and disabled – at the Ngwenya Glass workshop in eSwatini.

Each piece comes with a guarantee that it contains no lead or copper and therefore will not tarnish.
No two pieces are ever be exactly the same; there will always be subtle and minor differences between editions as each craftsman imbues his own character to the piece on which he is working.

Their wildlife range is continually expanding to try and give a ‘voice’ to those animals whose existence on this planet is threatened by human exploitation.

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