Christopher Smart is a ceramic artist who lives in the picturesque Wilderness region of South Africa. He uses a special blend of African clay to sculpt his pieces and then fires them to stoneware temperatures to make them strong and durable, thus creating work which is both functional and beautiful.

Christopher has been designing ceramic home ware, sculptures and architectural commissions since 1996. His “The Clay House” also presents classes and workshops on Art and Design, Ceramic Technology and Mould Making.

“Some of my current work uses the format of ‘the vase’ as a shrine to flowers and the beauty in creation. The forms are flattened but are seen as round in an illusion of three dimensional space. The silhouette becomes the indicator of the form. Inspiration for the vases comes from the nature of clay and glaze, geology, the landscape my environment and flowers.”

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Porcelain by Christopher Smart

180 x 180  x 100 mm