“Having grown up on a sheep farm in the Eastern Cape, my work is informed by rural landscapes; clear blue skies, succulents and lichen covered rocks which lie in silent elegance of ages gone by.”

Sue Weston’s work begins on the potter’s wheel; a technique that reverts back to ancient times. From there, her shapes evolve.

It is a journey of experimenting with different clay bodies, form and texture. Recently she developed her own clay for extra strength, and it has a lustrous warmth which seems to seep through the glazes.

Her designs are often inspired by primitive African ceremonial vessels and then adapted to contemporary living. There is no art for art’s sake; all wares are fully functional and durable.

“It is my aim to keep my ceramics uncomplicated and timeless. My pottery is removed from mass production and a defining purpose – my ceramics are rather a reflection of the natural beauty and vibrancy of South Africa.”

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