Mervyn Gers

Multi award-winning Mervyn Gers ceramics are all about individuality, beauty, durable design – and a dash of rebel spirit.  Their studio launched in Cape Town in 2011 and since then, they have been constantly on the creative move.

A large team, master-minded by Mervyn Gers, they are dedicated to supporting local job creation. And they are passionate about handcraft every step of the way, from clays mixed in-house to unique glazes developed over years.

Their clay is manufactured in-house and its industry-standard durability is thanks to years of research and development, with ongoing input from industry experts, including the University of Cape Town’s chemical engineering department.

Their commitment to human and natural issues are crucial too, right down to recycling clay offcuts and fully recyclable packaging.  Mervyn Gers ceramics are sold all over the world.

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