Peter Chidzonga

Peter was born in 1979 in Chiweshe, Zimbabwe. He never completed his primary education due to a lack of money.

In 1991, Peter started to sculpt with Ishmael Kapeta. His grandparents were against it, but Peter spent all his spare time sculpting. He sold his first piece for a good price. His grandparents realised how valuable sculpture could be, given Peter’s limited education, and gave him more support.

From 1995 to 1996 Peter worked with Ishmael’s older brother Biggie Kapeta, a well-known sculptor, as his assistant at Chapungu Gallery.

When his residency there ended Peter went back to Ishmael. In 1997 Ishmael died and Peter started working by himself.

He now lives and works in Bindura, Zimbabwe.

Peter’s work has been shown in galleries in Canada, UK, USA, the Netherlands, France and others, as well as at the prestigious Chapungu Gallery in Harare.

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