Boniface Chikwenhere was born in 1981 in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, but he currently lives in Cape Town. He learnt the skills of patience and identification needed for carving at an early age from his uncles, and as a child he worked diligently on these skills. With each piece he creates he develops a greater respect for his art form and for the environment that surrounds him.

Boniface finds inspiration from marine, bird and wild life. Sometimes fusing ancient driftwood with recycled materials like old metal, he produces eco-friendly art which make us aware of our need to preserve and conserve our ecosystem.

Finding his raw material in nature’s ‘recycle bin’, he is always conscious of the responsibility he has to Mother Earth because he feels that his work ‘completes’ what the natural elements started. With a unique ability to connect with and identify shapes in driftwood, Boniface’s work; a celebration of nature’s signature; are rare individual pieces of art that cannot be copied or reproduced.

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Wild Dog


Driftwood sculpture by Boniface Chikwenhere

size 390 x 290 x 170 mm