They say the San of the Kalahari were the first people to appreciate the qualities of the ostrich egg, using them as water vessels over 50,000 years ago. Certainly ostriches and their eggs have inspired cultures and civilizations for the past 5000 years. It was this legacy and an appreciation for the eggshell’s natural attributes that inspired Gideon Engelbrecht to start experimenting with the decorative and functional properties of ostrich eggshell in Prince Albert in 1999.

Avoova products are created from ostrich egg shell sourced from reputable, local ostrich breeders in South Africa. This is an upcycling process of hatched or unfertilised eggs that is both sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

There are over 50 full time staff working at the Avoova studio in Prince Albert, making it the largest private employer in the area and a true treasure of the Karoo. And to this end, Avoova are committed to keeping their production in the Karoo, where it all started.

Born of the African ostrich, this natural shell is transformed by local artisans into luxurious decorative items, supreme in their beauty and functionality. Art pieces from bespoke tables and mirrors to bowls and tealight holders are lovingly handcrafted by a team of skilled designers and craft persons, who work the shards of shell into a myriad of textures, colours and patterns.

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