Elise du Toit

Elise’s humorous and colourful ceramic figurines, mounted on plinths, are individually hand modelled. The pleasure she takes in making them is evident in the characterful postures and painted finishes.

Using a clay between earthenware and stoneware, she fires to 1200º C to strengthen the clay body and make the sculptures more durable and robust.

Elise was born on the East Rand and spent three years of her youth living in Kenya. After receiving her education at various schools both in Kenya and in South Africa, she matriculated from Kempton Park High School, and still lives in Gauteng.

Elise Du Toit is a ceramic artist and painter, currently known for her finely crafted figurines, which are in great demand.

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Alright, I’ll Sing

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Ceramic figurine by Elise du Toit

520 x 100 x 100 mm