Coenie Hattingh

“I am a florist by profession and started pottery classes with Caroline Schulz Vieira prior to 2010. With her guidance I have been able to investigate the possibilities of working with clay – shape, form, texture and colour.

My earthenware vessels are built using coils and through this method I am able to create and explore the organic forms the vessels take on. The African landscape with its diversity and richness, filled with textures and forms, is a daily inspiration.

The translucency and delicateness of porcelain fascinates me and I strive to capture this quality. Layering thin pieces of porcelain creates the most delicate shadows. As a florist I want to create a vase that can hold the most exquisite single flower, but even without the flower it still needs to be an object of beauty.”

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Vessel by Coenie Hattingh

120 x 90 mm