Diane Harper was born in South Africa in 1968 and completed a BA Fine Art degree at UCT in 1990. Her subsequent successful artistic career has been interspersed with work and travel, and commercial ventures, during which she discovered that, “painting is like meditation, where I can find pause from the hectic pace of daily life.”

Diane loves the great outdoors and travelling through the beautiful scenic spots of South Africa, from which she draws her inspiration. Apart from painting, Di works in ceramic and mixed media.

“I enjoy the texture and pattern that is an integral part of our world, – in nature, architecture and agriculture, – and incorporate it in my work. My bowls, plates and paper-clay pieces; simultaneously strong and fragile; can be useful or purely decorative. I enjoy the way each piece evolves to become a completely unique expression. My panels also explore ideas of connection – each piece or fragment contributing to the whole and adding depth.”

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