“Years ago, I honed my skills working in Porcelain making fine, delicate vessels displaying various levels of translucency. But in the last few years I have done a 360 degree turnabout and have started making refined, bold stoneware forms in vibrant colours; all things that are actually quite foreign to my natural style of work.

My pieces are all hand thrown, refined and finished by me, no two pieces will ever be alike.  They are sprayed with several coats of different slips and glazes before being fired to a low Stoneware temperature.

I love the brightness and the pops of colour that can be brought into a room.

My pieces are not watertight or functional, they are purely decorative. To clean them they can be rinsed in slightly soapy water and left on their rims to dry.

Exhibiting has been a little quiet due to Covid but I continued to supply Galleries throughout and won The Glazecor Award at the regional ceramic exhibition in November 2021.

I absolutely love what I am doing and intend to explore it to its fullest.”

My passion for what I do I hope shows through in my work.”

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