Dale Lambert

“Living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a ceramic artist, I recently moved to a beautiful new studio at Toadbury Hall Wedding, Conference & Picnic Venue.

My passion for ceramics is centred around throwing and is my primary way of working. I love making strong forms and decorate the resultant vessels in bold colours. The vessels are fired to high earthenware temperatures. My pieces are not watertight or functional, they are purely decorative. To clean them they can be rinsed in slightly soapy water and left on their rims to dry.

In contrast to the bold, sometimes large vessels I produce, I enjoy occasionally working in porcelain, throwing delicate translucent vessels. These fine porcelain vessels are high fired and decorative too.

My passion for what I do I hope shows through in my work.”



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teal vessel

Teal vessel

Earthenware vessel by Dale Lambert

120 x 160 mm


rich teal bowl

Teal bowl

Earthenware bowl by Dale Lambert

140 x 230 mm