Madri, the owner and designer of Iloni jewellery says; ” I am a perfectionist, idealist and dreamer. I am a passionate jewellery designer and at my happiest investigating, designing, and developing new concepts in my studio. Iloni jewellery represents my passion to create timeless, minimalist accessories that will make an elegant statement. I love exploring alternative materials and methods to traditional jewellery.”

Madri found Iloni, a Finnish word for ‘my joy’ in 2015 after completing her degree in contemporary jewellery design at Stellenbosch University. She began to investigate alternative materials, from plastics to fabric, but felt immediately attracted to rubber cord.

Her inspiration can be a building, an art piece or an interesting plant. She is aware of shapes, patterns and textures in her surroundings. She also spend a lot of time doing visual research on the internet. “It’s about absorbing what I see and then coming to the studio and starting to play with ideas, materials and techniques.”

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Red knot bangle

Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £20.00.

Bangle by Iloni
70 x 90 mm