Janie Siebert

Janie is at heart an illustrative story-teller-/artist/maker. She creates images and bespoke designs on various, multi-medium surfaces.


She graduated in Graphic Design & Art in Cape Town, South Africa, in the late 70’s, majoring in illustration and finished art for the advertising field.


Janie established ‘The Handpaint’d House’ art studio in 1996, on the family’s return to Cape Town after 18+ years in the wild, inspiring spaces of the Transkei, Eastern Cape. Her inspiration comes from the calming, meditative observations of the cycles of nature, vegetable growing’s, plus the optimistic daily-habits of birds amidst the brilliant Cape Fynbos biome.


Janie’s art holds to a joyful, uplifting ethos, with her delight in designing on numerous surfaces, celebrating each media, be it paper, clay, or wood, as a fresh canvas. Her art includes watercolour paintings, hand-built ceramic platters & plates, large tile panels plus crockery sets, each holding a strong call to celebrate our shared natural world plus our individuality in our artistic expressions.

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Large protea


Hand-painted bone-china by Janie Siebert

210 x 190 x 150 mm