Sarah was born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, but moved to the UK when she was nine. She completed her Fine Art Sculpture BA at Norwich School of Art and Design in 2001, and then moved back to the Western Cape. Up until that point her focus had been on sculpture, but on arriving home, her father, the professional potter David Walters, offered to teach her the ‘art’ of throwing. Sarah was hooked.

David taught her about the beauty and strength of a functional pot; the capacity that pots have to sit quietly in our everyday lives and add sparkle to the intimate daily rituals that we perform, like drinking tea. Our histories and cultures can be tracked, understood and maybe even defined through the pots and fragments of ceramics that have been left behind.

It is a long and incredible lineage of which to be a part, and Sarah is very proud of the fact that she is a third-generation potter. In her work she tries to balance the sculptural and the functional. She treats each piece as an individual, her aim being to tread the line between the organic freshness of form in nature and the elegance of form in function.

After many years of sharing a studio with her father, Sarah has opened her own studio and gallery in the leafy suburbs of Newlands.

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