Kathi Bruce

“Art and all things creative have been central in my life for as long as I can remember. A passion that has evolved over time and allowed me to explore and investigate. Painting and Ceramics are my first love.
I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. The privilege of growing up in a glorious, warm, sunny country was a rich feast, feeding all the senses. The dry, parched earth and tall, golden grass during winter and the clean, green hues of damp, summer days. Spending those long halcyon days on my grandparent’s farm has left a lasting impression on me and is evident in my artwork. Influenced consciously and unconsciously by the earth’s colours, changing seasons, and a fascination for ethnic, tribal designs and patterns is something that is a recurring theme in my pieces.
My main painting medium is oils and cold wax on wooden panels. I paint intuitively, allowing myself the freedom of self-expression and trusting where the process will take me. When painting, I use layers of oil and cold wax medium to build up translucent layers of colour and then with various tools and found objects, I begin to scrape back, etch lines, make marks in the surface and repeat this process over and over until the surface resembles worn paths or time altered earth in all its wondrous nuances.
With a background in Commercial and Graphic art, my journey took me into Textile Design – a successful career spanning many years.
I have been fortunate to travel extensively and have lived in Malawi, Germany, Switzerland, and now the United Kingdom. I have taught art to school students, at an art institute and adults classes. Since 1994 I have exhibited my paintings in galleries and at art fairs.”

Kathi sadly passed away in 2022.  She is sorely missed by all who knew and loved her, but her beautiful art lives on.

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