Laura du Toit

Laura du Toit was born in Cape Town and has been a resident of neighbouring Stellenbosch since 1980. She is married and has two sons. She completed a BA degree at the University of Stellenbosch and did her initial training in ceramics with Nicole Palmer. This was continued by completing the N5 in Ceramics and Drawing with Ralph Johnson at Paarl Technikon in 1990.
“I love the slow and patient process of coiling and pinching clay to explore my favourite shape, the sphere, to the full. Raku is an exciting way of firing and I often make use of this method because I like the unpredictable network of cracks on the surface of the glaze. A common theme throughout my work is my interest in shapes, textures and colours found in nature. I find inspiration in volcanoes, fossils and geological formations, to name a few. Using materials like Kalahari sand, oxides, slip and multiple stoneware firings enable me to capture the weathered surfaces and patterns of the earth. The patterns found in aerial and satellite images of the earth inspire me. I record close-up details of my work as well as natural objects and enjoy the relationship between all these images.”

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